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Visions of Change aims to create a platform for passionate individuals to actively join a movement where actions are taken on Environmental, Social and Human Rights issues through awareness and educational campaigns.

With the Sustainable Development Goals at the core of the movement, we continue to promote the implementation of the SDGs through the establishment of new campaigns, supporting existing campaigns managed by other NGOs and volunteer at campaigns managed by Non-Profit and Non-Governmental organizations and associations.

As we continue to live in a World of Environmental destruction, social misplacement and human rights violation it’s time for individuals to actively call for action by ourselves and others to start being change- makers and effectively impact our world so that we can unite and change the world today so that the future generation can inherit a vision of sustainability, freedom, equality, peace, justice and liberation.


To create awareness and actively partake in campaigns, projects and initiatives focused on addressing Environmental, Social and Human Rights issues by using education and action as the tool.

Our mission is to amplify a platform for individuals to join and support campaigns that they are passionate about, be actively involved within our communities and be a change maker working towards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.


A movement that is built on integrity, dignity, compassion, radical inclusion and liberation to build a world that portrays the visions of change.

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