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A Silver lining

Yesterday we continued #PlantingSeedsOf Hope at Silverleaf Primary School in Du Noon, Western Cape.

Now I have never worked in this community before and to be honest i didn't even know where Du Noon was located and was not sure what to expect upon arriving.

Driving through the streets of the community amongst the mixed residential dwellings, diverse racial groups walking the streets and the unattended toddlers walking and playing in the streets i took a deep breathe and whispered "Lord save our people".

Poverty and unemployment was clear as day and caught your eye with every corner we took, grown men siting in the yard of a shebeen drinking, mothers seated infront of a hand-made table selling anything from peanuts to braaied meat to young girls standing on the corners flirting with the men in passing to kids playing in the streets where raw sewage is pouring out of the street drains.

The effects of poor services stares you straight in the face as you see illegal electrical connections, leaking water taps and waste pollution flooding the streets and every open space, again you take a deep breathe and feel sadness fill your heart.

Eventually we pull up infront of a gate and behind the gate is prefab structures and the sound of kids laughter welcomes you.

The sight of their smiles and sound of their laughs had me out of the car in seconds and for a second i had forgotten the pain of driving to the school. I made my way to the great 5 class room and as they were siting quietly listening to their teacher I opened the door and the moment they read "MISS EARTH SOUTH AFRICA" on my sash they all started shouting with excitement in their voices "Mlungu" .

I had the opportunity to do an Environmental session with them teaching them about Arbor Month and the Sustainable Development Goals but the most exciting part was going out and planting their own trees.

But as they allowed their excited to take over my eyes fell on a little girl walking with one school shoe, a little boy wearing a shirt with one button holding the shirt closed, a little girl with a broken school bag and more then ever i wished that i had more then trees to give the school.

But as i looked around I saw a silver lining ,I took a moment as actually noticed the teachers and that is when i saw the Hope. I saw strong woman nurturing, grooming, caring and investing in our children's lives selflessly inspite the surroundings or circumstances.

Quickly i had to put my emotions and what i was feeling aside and be present with these learners, smile when they smile, laugh when they laugh and every now an then take one by the hand wrap my arms around them and hug them tightly.

The hardest part is always having the strength to go in a community do the good deed see everything around you and have the strength to be able to walk away but find away to educate them, draw attention to their needs which can create assistance to ensure that services such as schools can continue and start a relationship with the community where you would continuing going back and develop sustainable projects that will empower the community.

#PlantingSeedsOfHope is a campaign that has no limits to where or which community we go into, we believe that no matter in which part of this Province a school is located every child needs the seeds of Hope, Goodness, Compassion and Inspiration planted into their lives and today more then ever i am proud to know that this campaign knows no boundaries because no matter how heart breaking I feel that much more eager and determined to continue my fight for every South African Child to have access to their Human Rights.

Green Greetings

Margo Tamzone Adonis

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