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A warm welcome to our Newly Appointed Director and Activist.

Welcome to the Team Precious Mmanchadi Modycie

Position: Director and Activist

Location: Gauteng, Pretoria

Appiontment: May 2021


Ms Precious Modise is a SACNASP registered, Certificated Natural Scientist who is currently employed as a Laboratory Scientific Technician at Resource Quality Information Services(RQIS) , Department of Water and Sanitation.

Ms Modise obtained her BSc: Biochemistry and Human Anatomy & Physiology from the University of Cape Town in 2015. She is a young professional within the water sector driven by her fervent passion in sustainable water services, sanitation, resource recovery, and environmental protection.

Precious holds multiple awards including the National Aqua Enduro Competition Award (2010). She has since been appointed as an adjudicator for similar National Competitions from 2016 to 2019. In 2019, Ms Modise was privileged to join the Water Sector Governance and Operations programme which was hosted by the Danida Fellowship in Copenhagen, Denmark. Working with Denmark Technical University, University of Copenhagen as well as other major stakeholders in Denmark, she obtained invaluable insight and ideas which could later be implemented within South Africa, as a developing country.

Ms Modise was honoured to be at the forefront of water services within the Gauteng Province, where she served in the capacity of a Candidate Scientific Technician (2017-2020).Feeding into her passion for environmental protection, she also served as an Environmental Officer (2019-2020) wherein she could enforce the National Water Act, Act 36 of 1998, ensuring the equitable allocation and sustainable use of water resources within a semi-arid South Africa – she implemented her duties across several provinces including Mpumalanga, Free State, and Gauteng.

This scientist believes in community development, especially in awareness and empowering the youth. She has been involved in a Hammanskraal-bred non-governmental organisation which focused on providing tutoring for students who are in less privileged communities, assisting in work readiness, and access to psychometric tests. She has been involved in Arts content delivery within the Hammanskraal community via the Moretele Local Radio Station.

An absolute philanthropist, Ms Modise considers herself an environmental activist who is pro-environmental protection and echoes the cries of a nature that is often mistreated as much as it sustains every other element of existence.

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