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A warm welcome to our newly appointed Director and Activist.

Welcome to the Team Kim Williams

Position: Director and Activist

Location: Western Cape, Cape Town

Appiontment: May 2021


Kim Williams is an Environmental Consultant. She obtained her BTech: Environmental Management

in 2013 from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Kim is currently &nishing her BSc: Honours in Environmental Management through the University of South Africa.

After completing her internship at the City of Cape Town in 2014/2015 in the Environmental Resource Management Department, Kim was employed at an Environmental Consultancy in Cape Town.

In 2020, Kim joined an environmental consultancy in Klapmuts, Western Cape.

Kim then became interested in the environment thanks to her high school Geography teacher who really enjoyed the natural environment. Which is what lead Kim into environmental studies. Now,

Kim shares the same enjoyment for the natural environment.

Kim is passionate about championing change within individuals to do better and be more mindful of the environment. Kim also attends beach clean ups and presents to various audiences on the environment.

These presentations largely focus on the issues at hand and what we can do immediately to make positive changes.

Community awareness, capacity building, and social issues are what keeps Kim clicking.

Kim never misses an opportunity to engage with individuals or groups on sensitve matters, issues of the heart and mind, and issues of the world. She also never misses and environmental educational moment.

Kim’s goal is to leave everyone she meets with more love and appreciation for the environment than when she first met them.

Kim believes in kindness – to ourselves, each other and the environment.

As someone who champions environmental awareness and change, and kindness, she echoes these


It may not be too late to start with small changes now, but one day will be too late.

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