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Planting Seeds of Hope 2019

With the campaign #PlantingSeedsOfHope starting today we were excited and ready to head out to Oakland's High School this morning.

Oakland's High School is located in Landsdowne and has always stood out for me, as this school has such a diversity and respect for culture, region and tradition.

Having the opportunity to engage with the learners today we spent some time this morning on the Education and Awareness of the Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Communities and Cites thus promoting Arbor Month and the importance of Trees.

One thing I had realized today is that inclusion of the SDG's in our schools Curriculum needs to happen as our learners are still very much uneducated and unaware of what the SDG's are, why we have the SDG's and what is the objective of these goals.

We can not accept the bear minimal understanding when it comes to the Environmental anymore because we are well beyond the unknown.

We are constantly and every day taking so much from the Environment due to our needs and demands but simply not phased to even bother about replenishment and replacement.

Today's lesson focused on two aspects:

1. why do we take?

We take from the Environment because everything we need and do somewhere the environment has to willingly or unwillingly contribute to that, manufacturing of paper, wood and furniture, food and shelter, shade and oxygen these are just some of the things that came to the learners minds when asked why are trees important. Because of our mind-sets and behavior as humanity we have began to degrade, contaminate and lesson the Environment and use the excuse "but as human beings we need".

2. You Take , You put back!

So if we keep degrading, contaminating and and lessening there won't be anything left for the future generation. But with the human population continuously growing and the need for influx of the economy how do we find the balance?.

Well the solution begins with the implementation of sustainability, sustainable practices, sustainable polices, sustainable businesses, sustainable mind-sets and sustainable behaviour.

Now this is not an easy task however with small acts such as replenishing the Environment by planting trees that will is where it begins.

It was indeed a day well spent, having the opportunity to see people excited to get their hands dirty and plant trees at their school.

"Someone will have the privilege to have shade one day because today we planted a tree".

Green Greetings

Visions Of Change

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