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Its that time of the year where we talked about refusing single-use plastics and many continue to ask the question why.....

Single-use plastics remains the greatest contribution to not only our waste pollution on land but continues to be toxic in our oceans killing off our aquatic species more and more.

Its time for Humanity to realise the impact we have and take account of that fact that we have the ability to make a change.

you can follow the link provided to read more about the Plastic Free July Organization and Global movement and take up the challenge this July by simply refusing the use of single use plastic items such as:

  1. Takeway coffee cups

  2. Plastic Straws

  3. Plastic shopping bags

  4. Plastic Water/ cool drink bottles

Single-use plastics are what Humanity sees as convenient, yet for every single-use item there are Eco-friendly alternatives so this Month we are raising the awareness and educating Humanity about adapting to a Sustainable Mindset, Sustainable Behavior and Sustainable Lifestyle.

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