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Enter to Learn Leave to Serve

So on Monday the 16th September 2019 i woke up to a memory of my rebellious teenage years, let me share this thought with you:

As a young girl use to the city life, model C schooling and the sights of development blooming due to circumstance and reasoning I moved to my family to a very small town on the West Coast called Saldanha Bay where i had to continue my Secondary education at a Government school called Diazville High School located in the town of Diazville.

This of course was a big adjustment and resulted in many inner fights with myself, but son i began to adjust and settle into the hand i was dealt.

now don't get me wrong there was absolutely nothing wrong with the situation i found myself in it was more a of a constant battle with myself trying to find my identify.

Now when I say identify i don't only refer to my physical appearance together with my heritage and legacy but the question of what, who and where I want to be in life was the great unknown to me.

I walked through the gates of DHS as a grade 10 learner ready to explore the entertainment world as a professional dancer but soon life changed my ready and eagerness into confusion and rebel.

I was convinced for a complete month during my "settling in period" that i no longer wanted to attend school, now this was not based on nothing other than misunderstanding myself.

But soon that all changed when the Science Educator walked into my home economics class room and called me to door and said"come pack your things you are going to the Deputy Principles office now to change your subjects to math and physics" while the attitude of no interest continued to overwhelm me i didn't bother to fight her and just went along because to me i was not even going to complete high school.

Little did I know that she has seen something i was to blind to see.......

shortly after joining her physics class together with my middle sister Lauren we had entered the Eskom Expo for young scientist and with each blink i took i soon began to see something , someone that slowly freed herself from the battle within myself.

since becoming a young professional at the Department of Water and Sanitation back in 2013 I have made it my mission to work with the school and bring opportunities to the school, this choice was because I wanted to give back to the community of people that believed in me even when I couldn't do so myself and I wanted to bring hope to a community where poverty, alcoholism, abuse and unambitious dwelled thick in the streets where our children played.

This year was the second year where #PlantingSeedsOfHope was taken to Diazville High School and for a second i stood and looked over my shoulder as saw the trees we had planted last year still standing and it was in that moment that I reminded myself that most times our act seems so small compared to the size of the problems that surrounds our communities but just like a tree if we keep adding goodness, love, care and never give up on it inspite the conditions sometimes, the hard work, the feeling of just giving up because patience seems impossible our kids will bloom more than we can ever imagine as the seeds we plant in their lives will one day make a difference.

I believe that before I even knew it I had entered to learn and with the support, encouragement and mentoring I had left DHS ready to serve.

Green Greetings

Margo Tamzone Adonis

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