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#KeepOurOceansClean Campaign

World Oceans Day 2019 i partnered with the amazing Waterfront Charters Company to raise awareness about the importance of our oceans and keeping it clean.

As Waterfront Charters in a company that relies on the ocean to continue a good stream of revenue and their objective of their business to allowing Locals and tourists to enjoy life at sea with a beautiful view and smooth sailing.

The Environmental fight is hard but when organizations begins to get on board and share the vision of a clean and safe environment it is definitely a worthwhile fight, as the support of such big organizations amplifies the need for Environmental protection.

It was a phenomenal experience working with the staff from Waterfront charters and we do hope with the campaign video being posted on social media as well as Youtube you were able to celebrate the importance of our beautiful oceans and call to action every single individual to start taking individual action towards saving our environment and lessening the need for single-use plastics by the use of alternatives or even no use at all.

This dedication goes out to my amazing team behind making this possible:

1. Waterfront Charters Management: Jacqui Barlow and Craig

2. Sailor and Crew: Garry

3. Film, editing and photoshoot: Nick Meyer and Sean Rack

4. Designer outfits: Jacques Lagrange Couture

5. Reuseable/ Alternatives for single-use plastics: Foreva Straws

Thank you for all making this campaign possible and I hope our message continues to stay out there as we continue the fight to Keep Our Ocean Clean.

Green Greetings

Margo Tamzone Adonis


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