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Meet our Founder

As a young girl growing up I had big dreams, dreams that included being someone that leaves a legacy and would contribute positively to society. But who i wanted to be was the unanswered question.

Coming from what we consider an average coloured family going to university was spoken of but not a definite.

But after many different turns that included a few bumps and knocks i learnt that settling was not a option and i became to take my academics more serious and began to unconsciously start defining my path. I participated in extra curriculum activities such as the Eskom Science Expo for Young Scientist and went onto entering a Department of Water Affairs Educational Programme, Aqua Enduro and began to hope that i would be blessed with the opportunity to go further my education at University.

At this point i knew i wanted to go to University but the question was what career path would i want to follow, i had no guideline as our parents did not have that opportunity but one thing that was installed along with good principles and morals was dedication and hard- work.

By participating in the Aqua Enduro Competition i spent a week with young professionals, Scientist and passionate individuals within the Water sector being exposed to their passion, profession and dedication which rubbed off from the moment i met them. Leaving an intense week long programme I left the competition with complete aspiration to enter the Environmental Sector.

Through participating in the competition i was awarded with a bursary from the Department to go and pursue a career in the Scientific or Engineering field at any University within South Africa. Of cause I could not believe that such an opportunity was at my disposal and the only question now was how badly i wanted to make sure i grab the opportunity with both hands and make sure I put it to go use for my good.

I matriculated from Diazville High School in Saldanha Bay, Western cape in 2009 i was successfully accepted into the Environmental Management programme at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), Cape Town and just like that i began to write my story.

After obtaining my National Diploma I was employed by the Department as a Graduate Trainee which allowed me to gain professional experience through mentorship, training and exposure. In 2015 i believed that i could push myself even a little harder and took on the crazy challenge of studying full-time while having a 9 to 5 full-time job, now it was not easy and i crumbled and cracked 80% of the time but with just enough support and encouragement graduation day came and once again i walked across that stage to the sound of my identify.

And from that day one new accomplishments were achieved, new dreams were made and fulfilled, new challenges were taken on more and more each day i was taking my place in this world.

As a young professional at the time, with everything being foreign and new to me I quickly had to figure out things but one thing i knew from the start was that every day was an opportunity to grow.

In 2016 i had successfully registered as a Candidate Scientist registered with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions: Environmental Science and in 2017 i was permanently employed by the Department of Water and Sanitation (Then known as Department of Water Affairs) as a Scientific Technician.

Since joining the Department back in 2013 i had vision to give back to where it all started for me to inspire young people the way i was inspired and that was possible as i got involved with the Department's 2020 vision programmes where I became an adjudicator for Aqua Enduro and supported the many other youth programmes. But I wanted to give back so much more which inspired the decision to get involved with Eskom Science Expo where I have been adjudicating at the Regional Expo's since 2015.

In 2018 which started off as a joke amongst myself and colleagues I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something I knew imagined I would ever do. I entered Miss Earth South Africa and soon realized that Miss Earth SA was not your usual beauty pageant but a leadership programme designed to empower young, passionate green ambassadors giving them a platform to elevate their passion for the Environment. With a year long of Environmental projects, school visits and community outreach campaigns I began to define my mission more each day. My participation in the programme had such a dynamic outcome as not only was I announced as the 2018 Miss Earth South Africa Ambassador but i began to see my passion more clearly. As a young woman I was able to grow as an individual and face parts of myself that was boxing me. I began to liberate myself from doubt, low self-esteem and constant need for validation.

I had this burning sensation inside of me that kept igniting with acts of goodwill and advocacy and it was at the end of 2018 when I was appointed at the lead advocate for Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean water and Sanitation by World Merit South Africa, Cape Town Local Council.

World Merit is a global platform for talented and collaborative millennial making a positive impact in the world. We connect that talent to opportunity; we promote entrepreneurial networks, collaborations and empowerment. This platform is driven by Proactive youth that aims at contributing towards achieving 17 sustainable development goals by 2030. South Africa was selected as one of the pioneering countries to have a local representative of the international platform whose headquarters is in Liverpool, UK. South African World Merit council is officially registered with the Department of Social Development as a Non-Profit Organization.

And now each day I actively contribute to changing the World whether in my professional capacity or on other platforms, for I now know more then ever that I have found my mission and as I continue to build a legacy I continue my fight for every South African child to have access to clean water, sanitation and a safe environment in my lifetime.


Advisory Committee Board Member for Environmental Management, Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Recipient of the CPUT Applied Science Industrial Excellence Award 2018.

Recipient of the International Tunza Eco-Generation Hidden Eco Hero Award 2018.

Recipient of 2018 Commendation by the South African Defense Force, Western Cape.

Recipient of 2018 Commendation by the South African Defense Force, Western Cape.

Recipient of the Eco- Logic Eco Warrior Silver Award 2018.

with all said above in was this year when i decided to birth Visions of Change as my legacy project, for my greatest success lies in each child which I in some way impact their lives.

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