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My Fight is for them

When i started my journey as an Activist for Environmental Protection I had to ask myself the question who am I doing this for......

well with a love and passion for children it was clear before I even got to the point of asking this question.

"My Fight is for every South African Child".

Now there are days I wish I could give them more then just Environmental Education, I wish I could give them stability, I wish I could give them a world free from poverty, violence, pain, unemployment, I wish I could give them a space free from racism and liberate them from misplacement, doubt and question but these are all a working progress in some way by many heroes playing their part to make this world better.

each and every time I have the opportunity to walk into a school and spend my days teaching, inspiring and grooming our children is a day well spent.

Thank you to each and every school that has opened its doors and allowed Environmental Education to be a part of the conversation.

You make it possible for me to teach our children something that is so easily taken for granted.

Green Greetings

Margo Tamzone Adonis

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